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The school experience is designed to promote in children:

a) Spiritual

  • A continuing relationship with Christ as their personal Saviour and Friend.
  • A Christian attitude in word and action.
  • Openness in sharing their personal Christian experience.

b) Social

  • A personality that will display concern & care for others.
  • The ability and disposition to cooperate with others, and an awareness and tolerance of others' ways of thinking and behaving.
  • A sense of identity, achievement and worth.
  • Affection for the school and a sense of pride in it.

c) Academic

  • Eagerness in discovering new information and having new experiences.
  • An ability to communicate effectively through listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • The development of the skills of numeracy necessary to deal with everyday situations.
  • The ability and disposition to be imaginative and creative and to evaluate their ideas.
  • An awareness, appreciation and involvement in those forms of art and culture that support the Christian approach to living.

d) Physical

  • An appreciation of their responsibility to God and to others in keeping their bodies fit, healthy and safe.
  • The development of skills that will help each child to perform useful work and enjoy profitable leisure time.

To achieve these goals the curriculum incorporates the eight Key Learning Areas.These include Mathematics, Society and the Environment, Language, Health and Personal Development, Science, Design and Technology, The Arts and Languages Other Than English.

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