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The main purpose of homework will be to practice and drill the important areas of Reading, Spelling and Number Facts. Other homework will sometimes be given where there is a need for additional practice or where the student did not complete work that day and therefore needs to be completed. Furthermore some children may benefit from alternative activities as part of their Homework program.

Lower Primary - 15 minutes per day, Monday to Thursday. No homework on weekend.
Middle/Upper Primary/Middle School - 20 to 45 minutes per day, Monday to Thursday.
Usually no homework is given over the weekend.

Parents may best assist their children in Homework by noting the following:

  1. Expect that some Homework be done each night
  2. Insist that your child does the work carefully and of a good standard
  3. Leave your child’s homework the way they have done it – it is important the staff know what the child is capable of out of school.
  4. Supply a quiet place in which Homework may be completed

Helpful Hints to encourage your child in their Reading Homework

  1. Create a non-threatening environment in which your child can concentrate on learning without fearing rejection if he fails
  2. Set a time each day to read to your child and have your child read to you.
  3. Talk to your child about what they have read, encourage them to say how they feel or understand by the reading
  4. Avoid telling a word before your child has time to ponder about it.
  5. Allow mistakes if they do not change the meaning of the text - then go back at the end of the page and check that your child can read the word.
  6. Visit the library or bookshops with your child to encourage a love of literature.
  7. Have Fun  - make it a happy special time of your day.
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