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Student assessment is on a continuous basis taking into account such components as class work, checklists, assignments, class tests, participation and attitude.

Written reports are issued each year in July and December. Grades awarded are accompanied by specific and general comments by the class teacher.

Student Portfolios are sent home at the end of Term 3.  This is a collection of work samples for the school year.


To encourage close co-operation and understanding between the home and the school regarding children`s progress at our school, Parent -Teacher Interviews are available to parents:

TERM 1  - Mid-term - Interview based on observations by teacher and parent.
TERM 2 - Interview if requested by parent or teacher to discuss written report.
TERM 3 - Interview based on observations by teacher and parent.
TERM 4 - Parent requested interview.

While interviews are not compulsory, it would be valuable for parents to take the time to attend. The school reserves the right to request an interview if a teacher feels that important information regarding a child`s progress needs to be shared.

Norm-Referenced Testing

Norm - Referenced Tests are administered each year to evaluate children relative to other students at the same age.

Benchmarking Assessment

The school participates in Benchmarking Assessment for Grades 3, 5, 7 & 9 each year.

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