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The school staff wish to encourage parental assistance. We would appreciate assistance in the following ways:

  1. Listening to children read - working with a teacher in their classroom listening to students.
  2. Learning Assistance Program - working with an individual child on a program negotiated between you, the child and their class teacher.
  3. Library Helper - assisting in the operation of the school library - including the putting away of books on shelves, cataloguing of books and entering data on the computer.
  4. Funtastics Program - held every Tuesday morning between 9-9.30am and working with children developing their coordination skills. A staff member organises the activities and parents assist.
  5. Sharing of Expertise - there are a number of parents who have various areas of skill that they may be willing to share with the school community. We would appreciate you notifying us of these areas
  6. Office Assistance - there is always work to be done to assist the office staff. Duties include typing, data entry, filing, photocopying and receptionist duties.
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