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Term 1

Week 4 - Kids Matter Week

The theme for Kids Matter Week will be "Online Safety & Relationships".

Our children are immersed in a society that has become reliant on computers, i-pads, cell-phones, gaming stations and other portable wireless high-tech devices and it is important that we keep them safe while using these devices. Our Kids Matter week has planned a number of student based activities to teach and support students in their online practices.
On the Monday students from Years 5-12 will hear presentations from Sonya Ryan. Sonya is from the Carly Ryan Foundation and is the mother of Carly, who sadly dies due to an unsafe online friendship.

On the Monday evening at 7pm she will present a parent session. We encourage all parents to attend. Please note this is strictly an adults only session. There are government produced 'Parent Guide to On-line Safety' booklets at the school's Front Office for anyone wanting a copy.

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