How to enrol at Prescott College Southern?

Application forms may be printed from this site or available from the school office. On receipt of your application form, you will be contacted by school personnel to arrange an appointment for you & your child to meet with the Principal. You are welcome to view the school while in operation through making an appointment with the Principal.  Appointments for an interview can be arranged with the School Secretary.

A Waiting List currently applies in most grades.  It is recommended for children beginning school in Reception at Prescott that you complete your application forms at least two years prior to starting date to guarantee your position being available. 

Admission is subject to School Council approval following a personal interview with the Principal.

How old does my child have to be before attending Prescott College Southern?

From 2014 onwards, there will only be one intake at the beginning of the year for children starting school for the first time. Children who turn 5 by May 1 will automatically qualify for this entry. However if you have a child who turns 5 later in the year and would like to consider early entry, please make an appointment to discuss your child's needs.

Due to the unique needs of students in the Gifted and Talented range, Prescott College Southern is happy to accept the enrolment of children earlier than their peers.  If you have a child who you feel would benefit from early entrance, please feel free to contact the school.

Can children from Overseas enrol at Prescott College Southern?

Prescott College Southern does offer enrolment to children from Overseas. As a school, we are registered to provide education to Overseas students with the CRICOS Provider Code: 01536D.
We work with the following agents to enable students to come from Overseas and study at Prescott College Southern:

Edustar Consultancy Pty Ltd
Director: Samuel Ahn
Level 3, 44 Gawler Place,
Adelaide, SA 5000 Australia
Mobile: 0433 564 335

KoAussie International Education
Director: James K. Kim
Dongbu Centreville BD. 1F, Daechi-dong, 670, Gangnam-gu,
Seoul, Korea (135-280)
Tel: 82-2-566-3097
Email: bonyago@hanmail.net

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